My name is Cassandra. I'm 22 years old and I have dissociative identity disorder.

What is DID?

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I honestly have no idea how long I’m going to be around and to be honest I’m sort of really over everything I’ve had to do lately. It’s no wonder this girl has DID, her life is a mess. But luckily it’s looking up right now. 


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I don’t really care what clothes I wear. I don’t really care how my hair looks. But damn, does it annoy me to be called someone else’s name all day long.


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My name is Alistair.


"DID is an extremely rare disorder therefor you are lying."

Yeah but there’s more than one dissociative disorder and not everyone falls under the DID umbrella.

"People with DID can’t socialize with their alters therefor you are lying."

Yeah but there’s more than one dissociative disorder and not everyone falls under the DID umbrella.

"People with DID can’t develop fictional alters or non-human alters therefor you are lying"

Yeah but there’s literally a disorder in which someone solely develops fictional alters and non-human alters…

How about you research something instead of harassing people with very real mental illnesses. Judging someone with a dissociative disorder based on your knowledge of DID is like judging someone with manic depression based on your knowledge of depression.

I really like what this post is saying, I just take a little issue with the “Yeah but” wording, because there’s no “yeah” about people with DID not being able to socialize with their alters, can’t develop fictional alters, etc. Like, those things can happen with DID and also sometimes don’t happen with DID and it just sounds kind of like validating it and then saying “But there are things besides DID where that happens.”

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This is important to me. I’ve never given my own name at Starbucks because I thought it was too uncommon of a name, especially with how many baristas have proven they can mess up “Charlotte” and “Alice”. Sam suggested a while ago that my name actually isn’t that unheard of because there’s that actor, Idris Elba. And the guy who took my order today was really friendly and was joking around with me, so I used my name. He didn’t hear me right at first so I really quickly was like, “Like Idris Elba, the actor,” and he was like, “Oh okay!” and was really cool about it. Yay.


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I feel really dumb because we’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Ray lately, and I was listening to Body Electric, and I also happen to be reading  book about a kid who’s really into Walt Whitman’s poetry and the line “I sing the body electric,” came up in the story, and I never realized that it was actually from Whitman lol. I am a dopey uncultured teenage boy.



Lots of other folks have been saying this but I figured I’d add some visuals. This one’s in honor of all the aromantic non-ace-spectrum folks.

(Image 1: A circle labeled “asexual spectrum,” containing a smaller circle labeled “aromanticism.” The image is captioned “No.”

Image 2: A circle labeled “asexual spectrum,” overlapping with a different circle, labeled “aromantic spectrum.” The area of overlap is labeled “aro aces.” The image is captioned “Yes.”)

I haven’t been out for like two weeks? Idk it’s been a while. But I’m out and I get to keep reading this book I started, which is really nice.


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I take it Yami bakura doesn’t like your shirt Ryou. Ryou’s face is adorable though.


What it’s like being multiple in a system where everyone has drastically different styles.


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